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Welcome to this online course – aimed at familiarizing teachers with the interface of IQ Interactive Platform, and how to use the platform for teaching and learning.

IQ Interactive Software for Education is a powerful software for demonstration and teaching, with abundant teaching resources and subject tools. It is compatible with all kinds of interactive equipment, such as interactive whiteboards, interactive flat panel and document camera.

In 2014 Gauteng embarked on a project to introduce technology into the classroom. In the 21st century it is expected that South African teachers begin to enhance and extend their existing classroom practices by making use of ICT. This will enable them to make teaching more vibrant and learning more interesting. It will also enable learners to compete in the international arena because modern societies expect them to be able to think critically, solve problems and be creative. The expectation therefore, is that the knowledge, skills, abilities and commitments of teachers prepared today will shape and inform what is possible for the future generation of learners.


IQ Interactive platform is a new generation of software for demonstration and teaching. It seamlessly connects with other kinds of teaching equipment such as interactive projector, document camera, interactive whiteboards. Platform comes with the following amongst others:

1.Good interaction effect- students are not passive listeners, interaction and enthusiasm is increased
2.Easy to use- lessons and tests can be prepared on the platform.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Correctly identify and name the IQ interface tools
  • Show improved competency level by completing the post test with understanding.
  • Unpack the teaching and learning value of the platform
  • Compare and contrast tools in IQ with familiar programmes