The Learning outcomes for this module are:
  • Demonstrate and understanding of legislation, policies and regulatory frameworks applicable in the school environment
  • Understanding the South African education goals and the dynamic context of the South African schools.
  • Outline the development of a school development plan and school improvement┬á plan process.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of how to manage social cohesion and diversity.
  • Demonstrate and understanding on strategies for creating a positive learning culture

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Purpose of the Module

The main focus of the learning in this knowledge module is to build an understanding of the school operations acknowledging the changing context in which school principals operate, including the challenges facing schools in South Africa to effectively lead and manage the school thus creating conditions for optimal teaching and learning.

Introduction to the module

School managers should be able to develop strategic and operational plans, implement interventions, report on the implementation progress and lead the school to higher and more improved levels of functionality across the Nine Areas of Whole School Evaluation. School managers should chart a growth trajectory and ensure collaboration towards the achievement of growth in the school comprehensively.