Unit 2: Doppler Effect with Light – Red Shifts in the Universe (Evidence for the expanding universe)


In this unit you will look at the concept of:

  • Doppler Effect
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • State the Doppler effect as the change in frequency (or pitch) of the sound detected by a listener, because the sound source and the listener have different velocities relative to the medium of sound propagation
Unit 2 instructions
  • Review your topics covering the theory of unit 2
  • Review the linked resources included as additional information
  • Complete your activities in unit 2
  • Complete your answers in electronic format using either a Word document or a Spreadsheet. Save your document / spreadsheet in the following format: Full name_Module 2_Unit 2
  • Please note that the SAME document / spreadsheet will be used for ALL the activities in unit 2. Number your activities clearly. At the end of unit 2, your document / spreadsheet containing all the relevant activities will be submitted using the submission tool below
  • Submission instructions are included