Learning outcomes

The learning objectives connected to the programme material are learning outcomes and exit-level outcomes. When you finish an activity or module component, you should have mastered the abilities that are listed as learning outcomes. They are structured so that they build on one another throughout the course of a module and eventually result in the construction of an exit-level outcome. Each module has one or more exit-level objectives that outline the general knowledge and abilities you will have learned by the time the course is over.

The exit level outcomes for this programme are as follows:

  • ELO1: Demonstrate an understanding of the school operations acknowledging the changing context in which school principals operate.
  • ELO2: Demonstrate an understanding of the national curriculum, its changing nature and the principles of inclusion, teaching and               learning.
  • ELO3: Demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge and opportunity to work in collaboration with other role players to manage             the realities of the financial underpinnings and infrastructure within a school.
  • ELO4: Demonstrate an understanding of how to articulate a vision and design and implement a plan for an effective school.
  • ELO5: Outline strategies for creating a positive learning culture, ethics, values and the application in a school environment.