Unit 1 – Legislation, policies and regulatory frameworks applicable in school environment

The learning outcomes for this unit are:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Legislation, Policies and Regulatory Frameworks applicable in the School Environment.
  • Show an understanding of the links between the various pieces of legislation as it leads towards the provision of quality basic education
What is meant by a Professional Occupational Qualification?

The purpose of a professional qualification is to impart knowledge understanding and practical experience to enable the learner to apply knowledge in a professional practice – different set of skills and contexts that apply to the workplace. It is a certification that leads to learning in and for the workplace.

Legislation in Education

Effective planning is the cornerstone of effective quality service delivery and should be aligned to the vision and mission of the Provincial Department as well as National and Provincial policies and priorities, which can be accessed on the website, www.education.gov.za

Legislation assists in shaping plans and guiding practice. The following overall pieces of legislation provides the framework that will guide planning. All school managers should be aware of the following:




Additional Resources 
  • Read: NEPA, Chapter 9 of the NDP and The Basic Provisions of the Constitution.
  • Read: South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No 84 of 1996), as amended
  • Read: Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No 97 of 1998), as amended
  • Read: National Policy on Whole-School Evaluation, 2001
  • Read: Whole School Improvement Framework for Public Schools (Circular 01/2020)
  • Read: Resolution 8 of 2003 (IQMS)
  • Read: Collective Agreement 2 of 2020, as amended (PMDS)
  • Read: National Policy on Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support, 2014
  • Read: The South African Standards for Principalship