Unit 3: Floor and elevation plans

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Determine the weight/mass using appropriate measuring instrument
  • Use recorded weight/mass data together with recorded length/height data to calculate Body Mass Index values and determine weight status for adults
  • Calculate values using a formula involving mass/weight.
Unit 3 instructions
  • Review pages 19 – 31 of your module study guide covering the theory of unit 3
  • Review the enrichment resources included as additional information
  • Individually complete ALL the activities in this unit
  • All the activities must be completed in an electronic format using either a Word document or a Spreadsheet. Save your document / spreadsheet in the following format: Full name_Module 2_Unit 3
  • Follow the submission instructions in the tool below to submit your answers.
Unit 3 enrichment resources

Charts, graphs & diagrams. (nd). Health charts

Wikipedia. (nd). Body mass index (CC BY-SA)

Vox. (2018). What BMI doesn’t tell you…(Standard YouTube licence) – an interesting video!

Khan Academy Medicine. (2013). Growth curves (CC BY-NC)