Unit 4.1: Introduction

In this unit, we will look at the following:
  • Concept of rural-urban migration (definition and application).
  • Push and pull factors.
  • Definition of rural depopulation.
  • Causes and consequences of rural depopulation on people and the economy.
  • Strategies to address rural depopulation.
  • A case study that illustrates the effects of rural depopulation and strategies to address them.
  • Social justice issues associated with rural settlements.

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Rural-urban migration
  • Rural depopulation
  • Social justice issues associated with rural depopulation
Prepared Resources
  • Laptop / Participants Guide
  • Notes; Group discussions
  • Examination Guidelines 2021
  • Google Sheets – Online Activity
  • PPT Presentation Laptops
  • Participants Guide / USB: Course material and activities for participants