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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Data Informed Decision Making Leadership programme. The purpose of this programme is for leadership professional development intervention, aimed at capacitating school management team members─ (i.e. SMTs comprising the Principal, Deputy Principal and Departmental Heads/Heads of Department)─ to become better CAPS’ curriculum managers by building their holistic data literacy capacities (that is, knowledge, skills and attitudes which cut-across the CAPS’ subjects). This ideal rests on SMTs’ abilities to use school-level primary data to inform their Whole-school Improvement (WSI) agendas─ (namely goals, strategies and practices).

Programme Outcomes
  • Build the holistic capacity of SMTs to lead data-informed instructional improvement by developing favourable school conditions which foster the optimal use of school-level data;
  • Increase educators’ (all post-levels at a school) ability to jointly solve school-level CAPS’-related literacy problems which negatively impact teaching and learning ─ through regular practise-based data usage;
  • Promote the frequent use of computer response systems (technologies) as an enhancing tool to WSI; and
  • Entrench school-wide literacy practices, through collective ownership of the CAPS’ curriculum, resulting in improved learner outcomes and learner success.