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Welcome and introduction 

Welcome to the Multi-Certification Orientation Programme. The purpose of this programme is to direct educators in the mainstream schools to resources that will assist in the empowerment of the learners on sustainable skills as well as skills of the future.

The Gauteng Provincial Government, mission for the sixth administration is to continue with the programme of Transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialisation (TMR). At the center of the Transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialisation programme is the development of skills required to achieve this dream. The education sector is the key role player to ensure that the learners who pass through the education system are well prepared to fulfil their responsibilities in supporting this initiative and sustaining their lives in the process. The skills and knowledge required for sustainable development provide wide benefits for learners. They include skills that may not be overtly linked with sustainability or social impact. For example, the youth need a global mind-set, a systems approach, and critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills. These skills are as fundamental to their growth as they are to the delivery of the Sustainable Developmental Goals

Programme Outcomes
  • To identify skills suitable and relevant to leaners
  • To implement the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals
  • To utilize a global approach to sustainable skills development
  • To prepare learners for the world of work
  • To ensure equal educational outcomes
Notional Hours

The programme consists of 5 modules. These modules will be trained over a day with 1 hour contact session each. The participants must take responsibility for their own learning to reach the required standard or outcome. The success of the programme rests on them completing the assessment tasks especially the orientation booklet on the rationale behind this course.

You will plan and prepare for the training and ask for support where needed. Your participation is key and to provide meaningful input during contact sessions. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion to acknowledge your commitment to advancing your knowledge and skills in the multi-certification programme.